“Boo is doing great under the Ashland Pet Concierge’s care! She has been really coming out of her shell – doing great with playing, and socializing with people and other dogs.”

Fran Friedlander




“We can’t always take our dog Gus on vacation with us so it’s good to know that Carolyn and Ashland Pet Concierge are taking good care of him in our home. Their service has been great. I highly recommend them.”

Paul W



Chief and Zonie

“Sue and her colleagues at the Ashland Pet Concierge have been taking care of our menagerie for several years. I look forward to her notes about their daily walk when I come home. I never have to worry that the dogs are not getting the care they need. She is always there when we need her, and always responsive to any last minute changes.”

Betsy Sherr




“Your services are so thoughtful and complete.  We really appreciate the daily log of activities and your attention to detail – in areas that were completely unexpected!  We couldn’t wish for better care when we are away from kitties!”

Chuck W




“I currently have 5 cardigan welsh corgis with whom I show and do performance events.  One is a senior at age 14 1/2 and good, consistent coverage that I can count on for them is important to me and your service has been great!  You have given them a lot more attention during each visit and dogs are happy at the end of the day when my husband comes home from work when I am on the road. Also important, is that you are willing to work with me on my travel schedule for coverage since my need for visits is not a daily requirement. Very glad to be working together!”


Louie and PJ

Louie – Blizzard


“Ashland Pet Concierge are so flexible and reliable with my cats. Even my shy cat comes out to visit them. Whenever I travel I am sure they are glad to see them!!”

Sue Swift


Remie and Chloe


“Balancing both a new puppy and a work schedule are challenging. Easing Jackson into longer separation periods was so much easier knowing Sarah would be visiting Jackson. Not only does he get a chance to go to the bathroom but also the attention and playtime that puppies crave. She has been incredibly reliable and flexible and with my ever changing schedule. She also leaves a thorough update on how the visit went including cute anecdotes and recommendations for puppy games.”

Susan DaCosta


Rosie and Louie


“Sarah has been great. She is very interactive and energetic when playing with Sadie. She provides good feedback from the day and cares for Sadie.”

Keeley Maiella



Sasha and Max

“It’s nice to not have to worry about animals when I travel because I know they are well cared for by Ashland Pet Concierge. I can go away guilt-free!”



Smokey waiting at the door


Thank you for the great job you and your team do in taking care of “Scooter Pie”. Being that he is a high energy Lab, his daily walks are crucial to his sanity (and ours). There are times due to work when my wife or I  can’t walk him. I have complete trust in you and the team to be there when you say you will. You guys are ultra-dependable. Scooter loves it when you guys come. He knows that he always gets a “cookie” when the dog walker leaves.  Thanks again for the great service.





“Carolyn takes really good care of our Doberman Ruby and guinea pig Wheatie.  We enjoy reading her notes when we get home from work, and “the kids” seem to like her very much.”

Diane and Cort