We love our pets and the holidays. Here are a few tips to make sure your pets remain safe during the “most wonderful time of the year”!

  • Be aware of poinsettias, mistletoe, evergreen needles
  • The Japanese Yew.  These are plants that pose dangers to pets. The needles of evergreens are not toxic but can become lodged in the throat or stomach of your pet. Poinsettias and mistletoe are very toxic. The bright red berries and bark of the Japanese Yew will cause death to animals.
  • Beware of open flames.  Candles, menorahs and fireplace fires can be dazzling for your dog or cat. Candles can also be knocked over by curious pets and cause a fire in your home.
  • Chocolate is a deadly treat.  Chocolate has a toxic effect on animals, especially dogs. Unsweetened chocolate, often used for baking, is the most dangerous.
  • Keep holiday ornaments and decorations out of your pet’s reach.  Ribbon, tinsel, electrical cords and edible decorations sometimes attract curious mouths.  They can cause digestive issues if your pet swallows them.